Mermaids on the Verandah Out July 27 on Honey House Records





SEND MEDICINE began as a solo project from Toronto based singer/songwriter Julian Hacquebard. Julian moved the project to Los Angeles, and began shaping a sound that LA RECORD called “a heady mix of psych, blues, folk and surf - a winning combination.” Since, the band has expanded to a six-piece line up, with a reputation for their deep-felt live performances featuring extensive percussion, thoughtful harmonies, and a theremin. Drawing on inspirations ranging from Jefferson Airplane, Cocteau Twins,The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Britpop, TREX and Nick Cave to name a few; the band continues to evolve in it's musical pursuits.
In 2016, the band released their debut album Scary Aquarius Daughter featuring lead single “July Eyes” and follow up “Baby’s Coast.” The band spent the summer of 2016 touring the pacific northwest and west coast in support of this album. In October 2016 the band released the psych-pop-electro single “Translucent,” which was added to Spotify’s new New Indie Mix upon releaseSpotify has also featured the band on the playlists; Modern Psychedelia, Garage Jams, Undercurrents, and Frescura Indie. As of today the band has seen over a million streams. 
Following a string of SXSW shows and a performance at Broke LA Festival in 2017, SEND MEDICINE completed a June residency at The Satellite in Los Angeles. 

SEND MEDICINE has been showcased on Indie FM’s Buzzbands, Pop Matters, Earmilk, Hype Machine, The Deli Mag, Live on KSPC, KCSN, KX93.5, KBeach Radio, and numerous other college and independent radio stations. 
Currently, the band is coming off their second trip to SXSW, an opening slot for Toro Y Moi, a west coast tour with LA band Dream Phases and are planning the release of their sophomore album Mermaids on the Verandah on July 27 via Honey House Records based in San Francisco. 


EARMILK - "Send Medicine crafts modern psychedelic pop with an eye and an ear to the past, effortlessly evoking more nostalgia in one three minute song than most bands can encapsulate in an entire album."

PopMatters - “Tribal percussion, whispery vocals, twangy guitar, and subtle electronics gel to give the tune an unorthodox pop sensibility.”

Buzzbands.LA - “Please remove shoes before boarding the spacecraft"

LA RECORD - "a heady mix of psych, blues, folk and surf-a winning combination"


LA MUSIC BLOG - "a perfect psychedelic romp through a Beatles-esque groove"

VC Reporter - "The album gives you a series of fables or tales, something that comes naturally to Hacquebard"


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